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I heart chocolat.  Obviously.  I also heart anything green (including kermit), good music, movies, books, friends, smiling, laughing, arguing, thinking (this helps the arguing), Jon Stewart, Garfield, Shrek/Donkey, and ketchup.

I pursue a no judgment lifestyle, ie. every one has their own battles and comparison isn’t even an option.  I am clearly anti-racism, -sexism, and -discrimination.  Of any kind.  I believe in the end, everyone gets theirs.

I live in Pgh, PA.  I also  heart the penguins, especially Maxime.  I  was born and raised in WV.  One of the most beautiful places in the world – almost heaven.  And, I dare you to talk smack.

Every day I’m a little bit closer to becoming the person I’m meant to be, even if I have to be pulled there kicking and screaming.

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