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Now that I can photosynthesize again….

March 31, 2010

It’s been a LONG winter.  L O N G.  For that reason, I pretty much gave up on anything that didn’t involve showing up at work (barely), cleaning snow off my car, and sleeping.  Sometimes I think I must have been a hibernating bear or rodent in a past life.  Anyway.  So, guess it’s time to recap.  I still miss Conan. Like bad.  And I’ll travel to Cleveland, Columbus, or even further to go see his show.   I am enjoying all the new shows on ABC and NBC, but still loving my old standby,  The Office.   And CHUCK….I love him, and want to find me a real life Chuck to make fall in love with me!   CBS may have the best ratings, but only because the people who really, really watch TV are old and enjoy stupid, played-out, overdramatic crime and doctor dramas.   And the saddest news: Hulu didn’t renew their contract with Viacom, so the Daily Show and Colbert Report aren’t available any longer.  Terrible.  Of course, I can go to  But I’m habitual and lazy, let’s be honest.

Hmm…what else.  I haven’t heard anything from my citizen’s arrest, knock on wood.  I also haven’t gotten anything back from Papermate.  As far as my peace bumper sticker, I can report that it seems to have garnered more trouble than I’ve ever had before.  I got into a verbal fist fight on my street after the blizzard because of a parking spot.  I’ve had trouble with people aggressively tailgating me (maybe to read my bumper?!)  People cut me off and are super competitive in parking spots.  I also feel myself becoming quite the instigator in response to all the above situations.  In the fight on the street, I really just stood up for myself, but afterwards I did give out some non-verbal, shove off communication that probably wasn’t necessary.  The tailgating brings out the worst in me.  Mostly because I’m already going the speed limit, and you want me to go faster??? F-off!  So I slow down, sometimes below the speed limit.  Which pisses them off more.  I’ve even pulled off the road in response.  Which tailgaters shouldn’t be happy about, because that means I can get your license plate number.    And in the parking lot…well, let me tell you what I did just recently.  Someone drove by me, saw that I was getting in my car, put their car in reverse and parked behind me like a vulture waiting for me to leave.  I HATE when people do that.  Absolutely hate it.  Especially when you have driven behind me, then back up to wait.  That was an accident that miraculously didn’t happen.  So screw you if you think you’re getting my spot.  It would be different if the lot was completely full, but it wasn’t.  It took 3 minutes before the jerk realized I wasn’t leaving the spot and gave up their vulture status.  As soon as they cleared my path, I immediately put the car in reverse and left the space.  So maybe I’m becoming an asshole myself.  We’ll see what summer and summer travel brings.

What else?  Well, work is quite the challenge.  Things are changing in a big way as far as contracts and what job I may or may not have as of May 3.  There’s a lot of corporate bullying going on, aka., let’s see how much we aren’t going to pay you to do a job, just because we think we can.  We’ll see how that works out for them.  As for me, I don’t really know what choice I’m going to make because there are so many variables.  But if I’ve learned anything from my life, you never know what can happen, so it’s really just so much easier to play it by ear. 

The health care bill frenzy and ridiculousness has left me speechless.  More than anything, I’m terrified.  Not only by what it takes to get a bill passed, but how short-sighted and selfish people can be. 

As for everything else, life is good.  I had the opportunity to catch up with some long-lost friends, which was super nice.  And, I’m really anxious to have my own space. I’m caught up in what colors to choose, what art do I want to have around, what kitchen utensils will I need, etc…..even before I have the space.  Which is funny because I’m about 9 months away from that dream, but again, WE’LL SEE.  Can’t complain too much….I’m still able to pay all the bills!  Knock on wood…haha.

YAY FOR SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!

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