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Take that, Papermate!

February 3, 2010

Yesterday morning tried my patience, to say the least.  A road was kind of closed — the guys doing the work weren’t smart enough to close off the road, but there was no way around them, so I had to back up a hill and turn around.  Stupid.  So, of course, I was late for work.  Then, I was informed that my company has decided to go all out big brother and blocked half of the internet.  Because we’re small five-year olds and we may do/see something that will hurt them or us, right?  Asses.  (My biggest gripe is that they blocked all financial institutions, so I can’t look at my bank website.  How am I going to know how much money I have now?)  I start work and try to calm down.  I almost succeed until I try to use a pen that I bought a few months ago, the Papermate G-Force (maybe the name should have given it away, but it looked like a nice pen!)  When I first bought the pen, it worked okay.  Now, it’s just a PITA and most of the time a POS.  It’s inconsistency is perfectly consistent.  Well, the pen got to me yesterday.  I got violent with the pen, forcefully scribbling on a piece of blank paper.  It refused to cooperate.  I said enough.  I went to Papermate’s website (which wasn’t blocked….what IT dept., doesn’t this break one of your many, many rules???) to leave a nasty comment.  But, on their “contact us” page, they gave a physical address.  AH HA!  I will send this POS back to them!  So, using their crappy pen, I wrote a letter,  that clearly explained my frustrations.  Then I demanded a refund.   So what if it was only a few bucks?   I EARN my money and I can’t waste it on crap that you make, convince me to buy, and then spend every day getting frustrated because it doesn’t work!  TRY AGAIN. 

Can you tell I’m just over every corporation out there?  DOWN WITH THE MAN.

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  1. Marissa permalink
    February 3, 2010 10:30 pm

    I understand your frustrations and would do just what you did! But, I love that you are mailing the pen back to them!

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