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Brad’s new belly.

October 2, 2009

Last night, I felt worse about life (or better, maybe, depends on how you look at it) after I read an article about Brangelina in OK! magazine.  Here’s the quote that astonished me:

‘Brad knows his relationship with Angie is on the line.  He’s going to have to start working out and eating healthier.  And he’s got to stop drinking, which could be causing some of his belly bloat.’ Once he shapes up, Brad hopes their relationship will follow suit.  ‘Brad is determined to get back in shape for Angie.  He really hopes that by losing the extra weight and eating more healthy fare, she will fall in love with him all over again.’

Really.  This is what a ‘source’ says.  I kid you not.  Okay, so, let’s imagine that we can take this information for face value (even though we certainly cannot):
1. Brad Pitt is one of the most desired, gorgeous men of our time.
2. So what, BP gained 10 lbs?!?  Stop the presses.  How old is he again?  He’s not going to have washboard abs forever, people.
3. If BP really thinks losing 10 lbs and eating “healthy” is going to make Angie love him again, I’ll sell him my oceanfront property in Pgh (I don’t even own property, so even better), and move to Mexico.  At least someone’s dreams will come true.
4. If BP, again, one of the most desired men in the world, is fearful that his relationship will end because of 10 lbs, God bless the rest of us out there.  We will be alone forever.

Okay, all aside, even if we could believe this load of crap that OK! is trying to sell us, how ridiculous.  Seriously.  If Angelina is willing to throw it all away because of 10 lbs, she’s crazier than I thought.  Or like everyone else she is wrapped up in the superficial, thinking the outside is indicative of the inner character.  Up yours Angie.  And probably yours too Brad, since you’d do the same if Angie gained weight.

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