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Obesity prevention, or uncreative invention?

September 22, 2009

Check out these ads from the Ad Council regarding the oh my god, OBEESSITTTY crisis.

A few of my favorites, aka, most despised:


And, because we all know every soccer mom needs to lose weight:


If my co-workers only knew me by my belly rather than my face, I’d be looking for a new job:


Where can I get a necklace made of words?!?!

Because missing a chin is equal to missing a child.   Yes, definitely worth the comparison.

And my favorite…which I can’t insert, but you can see by clicking here.  Cause fat people just need the air deflated out of them, that’s all!  So EASY.

I just LOVE these ads.  It makes losing that extra weight just as simple as drinking low-fat milk, walking the soccer sidelines, taking the stairs, parking at the end of the parking lot, or of course, deflation.  Seriously???  And, thanks Ad Council for making me feel bad about my double chin, love handles, or spare tire.   Or even thinking it’s any of your business that I have any of these things or not.  I’m fine with all my accessory body parts, thankyouverymuch!

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  1. October 6, 2009 6:39 pm

    Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post! 🙂

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