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How do I change the frequency?

August 31, 2009

In four days, vacation time will finally be here.  I will leave the incessant ringing of the phone and the devilish grin of the Target bullseye long behind.  I. cannot. wait.   My vacation time will take me to one of my favorite places on earth – the BEACH.  Again, I cannot wait, can’t wait to soak in the sun, the ocean breeze, and the salty feel of the waves against my skin.  Ahhhhh…. 


But the underlying current of my happy, beach-going excitement, is the negative talk that comes with every beach experience.  The headache inducing static called body hatred.  Thankfully, I’m prepared by some winning anecdotes from last year’s vacation:

She should not be wearing that.

How could those women wear that knowing their stomachs are hanging out.

Ahh…look at my huge belly, sigh.

I hate how my legs look in a swimsuit.

I have ZERO patience for any of these comments.  Judging your own body, or others, gets you nowhere fast.  Immediately, I want to start screaming my responses:

What she is wearing is none of your damn business, she’s not a decoration or image created for your viewing pleasure or displeasure.

Maybe those women don’t hate their stomachs, like you seem to do.  Maybe they’re confident with the way they look, or better yet, they just don’t give a shit about what you, SOME ASSHOLE OF A STRANGER thinks about them.

Umm…why are you wasting time worrying about how your belly, or your legs look.  You’re here to have a good time, not hate yourself.

And, to all the above….get a hobby, get a life, stop being so self-indulgent, self-absorbed.  There is SO much more to life than worrying about what someone looks like, or what you look like.  GET OVER YOURSELF.

I have my own issues with my body and how I look in a swimsuit, but really I just can’t be bothered to give a shit, maybe a second of a thought but no more.  But I certainly resent other people’s negative chatter taking up space in my head, ruining my good time.  I wish listening to people could be like listening to the radio, complete with a scan and on/off button.  When vile, hateful gibberish would come out of someone’s mouth, I could just push the scan button, and listen to something more pleasant, or just push OFF.  Ahh…what dreams may come.

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