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Yummy…cooked placenta.

August 26, 2009

So, cooked placenta is really not the reason I wrote this post, but I just have to talk about it a bit.  In an article in TIME, Joel Stein talks about the recent birth of his child and his wife’s insistence to consume her own placenta after birth.  Really.  As he explained,  a natural remedy-er will come to the home, cook the placenta, then create capsuls from the dehydrated  “substance.”  When taken regularly by the new mother, the capsuls supposedly ward off postpartum depression and increase milk supply.  Okay, weird, but okay.  Now that I have presented the background, let me turn on the snark.  Before Stein met with “the placenta lady,” as he called her, he had some preconceived ideals:

Sara [Pereira] did not look unkempt, frumpy, heavy or in any way like a Wiccan.

Well, what a surprise Joel, she wasn’t a fat, dirty hippie.  Or a witch.  Whew…dodged that bullet.  Really, Joel?  Way to stereotype.  But here comes the real winner:

Sara did not understand that when [his wife] Cassandra’s  looks fade in her 50s, there’s no way I’m putting up with this crap.

Well, aren’t you the real winner, Joel.  So, this thing that your wife is doing, in hopes of protecting herself and the baby, to make them both stronger is “this crap” to you?  Don’t get me wrong, it sounds pretty crazy to me personally, and I’d probably never do it.  But, your wife is simply trying to do what she thinks is best.  Did she ask you to eat the placenta, or even swallow placenta capsuls?  No.  She didn’t.  All you had to do was take it to the nice woman (who didn’t turn out to be a horrible person based on your preconceptions) who took care of everything.  Get over yourself.  And furthermore, once your dear wife turns 50, you’re no longer going to care about her pursuits because she’s not pretty anymore???  What an entitled asshole you are.  Poor Cassandra who has to deal with her “overwhelmed” husband who can’t be bothered with anything but himself and his needs.  Sure I made that jump, but I’d put $100.00 on that guess.  And I’m sure if he was asked to account for his statement, he’d chuckle and say, oh it was just a joke. (AKA as my favorite cop-out line ever!)

But, you know the real reason I wrote all this (because we all know entitled male syndrome is nothing new)?  It’s just because this article shows up in TIME.  Maybe I expect too much journalistic integrity from them, but I would have loved to read about placenta consumption, minus stereotypes and the Nice Guy ™ mentality.  But, what should I really expect, since his byline is “The Awesome Column.”


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