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Douche-bag for Life Radio

August 20, 2009

Last weekend, I made a trip to Amish country in Ohio to visit with my dear friend Marissa.  It was an awesome time, I had so much fun, enjoyed myself and was sad to see it end.   And, of course, low and behold, a douche-bag complaining about fatty fatties had to ruin my good mood on the way home.  The douche-bag in question was Mr. John Tesh.  The ex-host of Entertainment Tonight, turned composer/pianist, has a show called Intelligence for Life Radio, and you can read about it here.  He gives out helpful hints and tips, and insights for living a “better” life.  He also has a segment of his radio show called Kind Intelligence.  I have a very hard time determining where this “kind intelligence” came into play in the segment  I heard.  I tried to find an excerpt of the segment on his site, but was unable to do so.  So, I will have to paraphrase the “helpful hint/tip” I heard:

Did you know being in a friendship or relationship with a fat person tends to make you fatter?  Just like your perception of what is okay/not okay to do reflects the company you keep, or similar to the tendency to buy more around someone who has more money to spend, you will tend to eat more and exercise less when you are around a fat person.

REALLY.  REALLY???   Here’s an excerpt (which I won’t touch with a 10-ft pole, because it pisses me off so much) that shows how much Tesh hates fat people just in case you don’t take my word for the above paraphrase.  Anyway, let me get this straight.  The bottom-line of that statement is that because I’m a fatty fat, no one should ever want to be my friend, or even better yet want to date or marry me.  And ultimately, I should never be allowed to have children.  Because my fat is contagious.  Just by being in my presence, all the wonderful thin people in the world will be turned into horrendous OBESE people.  I am a nuisance to society and I should be removed before I hurt innocent people.  Best case scenario, I should die alone or with a house full of cats.  (And, remember because no one will know me, because I will have no friends, the cats will probably live off my fat for awhile before I start to really stink up the place, yummy.)  So, that’s what you’re telling me, right, John Tesh?  Thanks so much, let me take my fat self and go jump off a bridge now.  Thankfully, I have better self-esteem than that.  I have enough self-esteem to say, GO FUCK YOURSELF JOHN TESH.  But really I just question how you can claim to spread intelligent gems of wisdom, as well as intelligent laced with kindness, but still think it’s okay to tell the special 1/3 of the thin public to beware of the fat people in their life who are ultimately going to bring them harm?  I mean, for sure, you hear this kind of vitriol from tons of other assholes out there all. the. time., but Tesh, you seem to claim to be a nice guy.  Nice guys don’t act this way.  Looks like you’re just another Nice Guy ™.  And again, I just have to shout, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

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  1. Chris permalink
    March 27, 2011 10:43 pm

    John Tesh has such a douchey voice.

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