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Making enemies, losing friends…

August 6, 2009

RADICAL.  I’ve been called a radical many times.  When I talk about the Iraq war, when I talk about taxes and government spending, when I talk about racism or feminism, or even my pursuit of being a non-conformist.  RADICAL.  Well, last night, though it wasn’t said, I’m sure it was running through everyone’s head.  Why?  Because I walked in on the middle of a conversation with the subject of suicide.  The guy telling the story, said,

. . .and she was cute, too.

Of course, I had to sarcastically chime in . . . because ugly people are the only ones who have a reason to kill themselves, right?  I’m sure this guy, who I don’t even know, didn’t have malice behind his words.  But, Christ people, think before you say STUPID SHIT.  That half sentence is SO loaded.  She was cute, too . . . so it’s a shame if she’s gone.   Are you saying if she was ugly, you’d say, oh well, who cares?  She was cute, too . . . so what reason did she have to kill herself?  Obviously, her life should have been awesome if she was cute.  Only ugly people have a life worthy of killing themselves over.  GOD.  Just typing this makes me want to punch.  THINK. PEOPLE. FUCKING THINK.

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