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Aww…poor, sad, groomed man.

July 20, 2009

Men have such a hard life.  Really, they do.  You know, keeping down a job, making sure they’re up on the sports info, and being a good father-figure.  And, now you can add removing all hair from their bodies and faces to the list.  Seriously.  Take a look at this pic.  It’s from a magazine (to be honest, it was so long ago I saw it, I’m not sure if it was New York Magazine, or Newsweek.


I’ll help you out with the quote, because it’s kind of hard to read:

What’s with the mustache?  Kind of a classical look, harking back to the seventies, when men were allowed to have hair on their face and bodies.

Sigh.  What is the world coming to!?!  Manscaping.  That’s what.  POOR MEN.  /sarcasm. 

Welcome to the world of women, guys!  You’re allowed to have hair on your legs, and no one gives a shit.  You can go out in public with hair on your face and no one will suggest that you join the circus!  What about your pits?  Last time I checked that was okay, too.   So what the hell do you have to complain about?  Women are required to remove every last piece of hair from their bodies (except our heads, and that should be long and luxuriously shiny!), even from our special happy place and I don’t see most men shaving that hair off.  We cut ourselves, use noxious chemicals and are just generally uncomfortable all in the name of being hairless.  And don’t forget the extra 10-20, maybe even 30 minutes it adds to your shower time.  So listen, I don’t even want to hear it.  Get over it.

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