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F (and that doesn’t stand for feminism.)

June 26, 2009

The things I had to say about feminism yesterday, well, they revolve around ‘foxy’ (pun intended) Megan Fox.  Here she is, in case you don’t know her:

She’s 23, in the Transformers movies, and has made headlines as copycat of Angelina Jolie (she denies this, but look at that pic and tell me that’s not what she’s going for.)  Anyway.  What does she have to do with feminism, well, let me read a few pieces of an interview she had with Entertainment Weekly:

EW: How did you feel about being sexualized like that when you were 15?
Fox: I thought it was awesome. . . and I wasn’t a feminist yet.  I hadn’t sat back and analyzed society yet.  I was 15! I just did what I was told to do.  (even though she claims to be a rebel further down in the article.)

EW: Do you think you’re a good actress?
Fox: I think I could be. . .but so far I haven’t done anything yet.
EW: Then why are people so obsessed with you and hiring you. . .?
Fox: I can’t figure that out. . .

And finally….
EW: . . . so you’re still mostly known as a sex symbol rather than an actress.
Fox: It doesn’t bother me. . . That just means the bar is set pretty low. . . I think all women in Hollywood are known as sex symbols.  That’s our purpose in this business. You’re merchandised, you’re a product.  You’re sold and it’s based on sex.  But that’s okay.  I think women should be empowered by that, not degraded.

UMM. FEMINISM FAIL. I should be empowered by the idea that other women are merchandised, sold as a product, based on sex?  Are you FUCKING kidding me?  HUMANS =/= PRODUCTS.  Go study Feminism 101, ’cause you clearly missed every. single. point.  OR.  Maybe I should give you the benefit of the doubt, either that you misspoke, or EW misquoted you.  Maybe you said you hadn’t studied Rules of the Patriarchy 101, yet.  If so, then right on!!!  And, to answer that question that you just can’t figure out?  Why does everyone want to put you in movies?  Because they’d rather hire T/A that don’t try to be smart, or too thinky in movies.  You know, those awful types that try to be award winning actresses.  They like the ones that stand by the main actor and just saunter around in their barely-there clothes, willing to sex him up at his command.  Christ, don’t be an idiot.  You know why they want to hire you.  There’s a reason you haven’t cultivated your acting chops.  It’s because you don’t have to, you know you’ll be hired on your sexiness alone.  Well, it’s a harsh industry, sweetie, looks fade, boobs droop, and butts sag.  But, wait.  I’m sure you’ll just fake that too — you can get some plastic surgery.  Then your body will match your fake, plastic personality!  Patriarchy for the win!

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