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June 5, 2009

Today, while listening to a local misogynist pig sports radio host, I realized why men talking about women’s superficial qualities, namely T/A, hair, complexion, or facial features, pisses me off so much.  I believe in attraction.  I know there is such a thing as convential beauty.  I understand that humans have the ability to see scale in the human physique and equate that with attraction.  I even get how fickle attraction can be an sometimes you just love something for NO good reason.  Obviously, in this society, a thin, younger woman, preferrably blonde, maybe brunnette, with shapely curves and pretty smile,  is seen as the exact essence of attractiveness (empasis on the traits that seem to matter the most.)  And, you know what, good for those women, because like I said earlier, it keeps the skeevy men away from me.  AND, because I think this is what HOT looks like…

ANYWAY, I digress….why does it piss me off again?!  Because:  I rarely, as in 99% of the time, hear guys who go on about how hot a girl is, how fucking awesome her tits look, you know the ones, the ones who say, wow, look at that ass. . . talk about women who are well-spoken, intelligent, engaged in saving the world or philanthropy, or just simply women who are kind or caring.  And there are millions of women out there with those qualities.  And yeah, it’s patriarchal for guys to focus on the HAWT and not the powerful women out in the world, because it will take away from their status — that’s simple and obvious….to me.  But to a lot of guys my age, they don’t even know they’re doing it.  It’s something they do when they’re bored, or just can’t be bothered to exert brain energy.  It’s immature and stupid.  And it’s sad.  And just adds to why women have to work harder and longer to acheive than a guy does.  And why a guy can turn my pissed off state into full blown rage when he tells me to GET OVER IT             …..ARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!

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