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Another label for me: Maximizer.

May 21, 2009

New York Magazine has become thought fodder for me the last couple months.  This time, the hamsters in my head got going with an article by Jennifer Senior.  Her article is about NYC during the recession and its effect on people, their mentality, and sociality (is that a word, if not, I’m making it up!) Anyway, she references a book by Barry Schwartz called The Paradox of Choice.  He calls people who second guess, are often disappointed, and have the inability to savor, maximizers.  They seek the best of everything aka, overwhelmed by choice.  On the other end are the satificers.  The ones who have the ability to make do.  So, for the most part, I’m a maximizer.  I’m not happy with settling, I’m always pushing forward, always wanting to do more and better.   I’m really never content.  I can make do, live poorly, but in the back of my mind I just want more so I can have that ever inevitable sense of security.  But it seems the maximizers are the ones who push on to bring about innovation and change.  I don’t mind being pushed in that boat, as long as I accomplish something, eventually, someday.  Here’s to maximizing!

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