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Ergonomics of the trashcan.

May 20, 2009
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Get ready, I practiced my fine-tuned  paint skills for today’s illustration: behold! my piéce de rèsistance.


So why did I take time out of my day to draw a trashcan?  Well, because I’m incredibly frustrated by them.  The point of a trashcan is to contain trash, right?  When you throw something away, it’s because you never want to see, or better yet TOUCH, it again.  So can someone please explain why most trashcans are designed like the one above?  Small and narrow on the bottom, larger and wide at the top.  Makes 0 sense.  So what happens to me 50% of the time I spend around trashcans like this?  One little nudge, push, etc., and it FALLS OVER.  Leaving me to TOUCH all that gross that I threw away so I wouldn’t have to touch it again.  Seriously?!?  Add it to the list of products that self defeat.  The correct design…behold! piéce de rèistance #2!


I dare that sucker to fall over at a small nudge or turn of the chair! 

Yes, to you who think I have too much time on my hands…I really do.  Also it’s the cumulative of things such as these that are slowly eating away at my mind.  Or quickly, depending on the day ☺

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