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May 12, 2009

This day in history, Tuesday, May 12, 2009, SUCKS BALLS.  It started last night with the loss.  The Pens should have beat the Caps silly, and blew it in OT.  I woke up this am like someone had shot my favorite dog, or I had lost my job, …you get the idea.  This morning, I was greeted by an overachiever coworker reminding me to do what used to be her job.  To which I say, if you want to be Ms. Perfect so much and breathe down my neck, don’t be a screw-up and have it taken away from you!  Ms. Perfect Manager echoing Mrs. Perfect CSR, reminds me to put a word in the subject line of an email, even though I do it EVERY OTHER time.  No one is perfect ALL THE TIME. Lunch.  People in the parking lot at Target make me want to impale my very own eyes out so I don’t have to watch their dumbf***ery.  Inside Target.  Photo machine also blows.  Finally, I print out the pictures and then get sassed by some employee.  Finally, I just spent the past 30 minutes on the phone with a ridiculous mother who couldn’t be bothered to figure out anything on her own, and had her children screaming and crying in the background during the ENTIRE conversation.  I seriously want to find the closest bridge in Pgh and jump off of it.  Actually, I want to reincarnate myself so I can jump off the bridge more than once.  At this point, I will be getting myself home ASAP, and crawling under my covers even faster.


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