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Inconsistently effective

May 11, 2009

Last night I worked one of my pseudo shifts at Target, my 2nd job.  I call it this because I worked 3 hours.  From 6-9 pm.  Now, one not employed by Target would assume nothing substantial could occur during three hours.  HA.  Wrong.  I received my review.  And not from anyone who I have worked with, or even seen in months for that matter.  And may I add, neither a +/-, but forementioned reviewer resembles Screech from Saved by the Bell…just in case, you don’t remember —

He looks like the older Screech, just because of the beard going on.  ANYWAY.  Back to my review…

I was given a ranking right above unsatisfactory, the lowest you can get.  Inconsistently effective.  Let me explain why.  1st, because I only work during the evening, there are skill sets I have never learned.  No one has bothered to teach me because I’ve never needed to do it.  But, yes, it’s my fault for not volunteering to learn, and again for execs not making it a priority when I’ve asked to learn how. /sarcasm.  2nd, I have  a bad attitude.  3rd, I have been late to work, clocking in around 6:06-6:10, 35 out of 127 days.  The result of an inconsistently effective ranking? $.08.  WOW. 
Was I crushed at the end of this review?  No, I point blank told Screech that it was the same review I’ve been getting for 3 years, maybe just a bit worse.  He went on to explain that due to the economy Target couldn’t afford to give good raises this year.  I said, Uh huh.  And, that I have 0 expectations of the hourly wage there.  Because someone walking in today will get paid the same amount I do – $8.00.  After THREE YEARS.  Explanation #2. When the hourly minimum wage rate went up last July in PA, Target decided they needed to one up all other retailers and decided to pay $8.00.  So if you had been working there one day or one year, everyone was bumped up to pretty much the same rate, with minor fluctuations.  So, as if Target hadn’t screwed me, or other co-workers enough, they pull shit like that, and you expect me to care about my performance at your so-called BRAND establisment.  Forget about it. 
But, I will admit, after my review, I was a little disappointed in myself.  I’ve always worked hard at everything, to the best of my ability.  Regardless.  And I worked very hard my first  year at Target.  But eventually the bullshit clouded my drive, and I just stopped caring.  I don’t like that attitude.  It makes me disrepect myself a little.  But, I still can’t bring myself to work hard and give 110% for a business that doesn’t respect any of its employees and only cares about the bottomline.  And I never will.  I will give mediocre service to mediocre integrity.  And I just remember that when I really care about something, I give it my all.  And, once I find something worthy of that, then, I’ll show what I’m made of again.  Crossing my fingers that that day will come soon.

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  1. May 17, 2010 1:10 pm

    I stumbled across your page via a Google search of “Target Inconsistently Effective.” I sympathize with the plight of all of my fellow hardworking “Inconsistenly Effective” team members struggling against an escalating evaluation standard and a meager budget for raises. I eked out an “Effective” and was told that that was a high score in our store this year by an almost apologetic supervisor.

    Seems to me that the one challenge that’s immediately within your control is to consistently show up to work on time. Do you have identifiable “speed bumps” in your personal schedule (e.g., traffic, public transportation, organizing and finding things at home before leaving, etc.) that can be addressed? Can you take the approach of “if you’re always early you’re never late” by scheduling in 5-10 minutes of time margin to help absorb unforeseen circumstances? If this strategy causes you to show up early for most shifts, you can sit in the breakroom, read the newspaper, and/or meditate/focus on getting into a collected and motivated frame of mind for work when you punch in.

    I see that even you recognize that a poor attitude can be self-defeating. If you can’t be a consistently hard worker, including showing up on time, out of loyalty to Target, can you recast it as loyalty to yourself and personal goals (paying for education, gaining work experience, etc.), or any family that you support, or at least to individual team members that you like and respect? My recommendation to you is to try to make the best of what you have now, look upon challenges as ways to better yourself, with the goal of bringing a skillset to a future job where your talents will be more rewarded. No employer can take that away from you.

    Good luck!

    Am I really to believe that “the breakroom” is not Target sponsored? Or maybe I’m just that disillusioned and that bitter, because I can’t really believe someone would love Target enough to leave that kind of comment. I appreciate the positive energy, but really it all sounds like being baffled with bullshit to me. As I’ve said a million times before, Target is retail. They only care about the bottomline. And I only care about the “what if” that comes from quitting my job there. I can’t stand the way that the business is run, but that’s true of any cooperation who forgets they are nothing without their people. My bottomline: Thanks but no thanks, Parker 51.

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