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A matter of the butt

May 8, 2009

Can I just tell you, your day is not complete unless you read a sentence like this:

“I saw a mother take a diaper off, empty the solids and put it back on.”

Not a joke.  This was a quote in an article by Belinda Luscombe in the April 27, 2009 issue of Time.  

The author of that quote is Joanne Goldblum.   She appears in the picture below:

 Her career as a social worker in Connecticut made her aware of the dire need for hygienic products by people on government assistance, or those using food stamps.  Can you imagine?  Being able to buy food, milk, juice, or formula, but nothing to wipe your butt or keep your baby’s butt clean?  The brilliance of our government.  So, she stepped up to the plate and started the Diaper Bank.  Pretty self-explanatory, she stocks up on diapers and toilet paper for those in need.  According to the article, her last shopping trip involved buying 250,000 diapers at one time.  WOW. 

I bring all this up because I think it’s a great opportunity to help out in a small way.  Toilet paper is pretty cheap, diapers can be expensive, but if you run into a little extra cash, it’s a no strings attached way to provide a little help to those who need it.  Consider donating to shelters, women’s domestic violence centers, food pantries, or churches.  I don’t volunteer or donate as much as I should, but articles like this put a fire under my ass.

For more information:

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