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My new gypsy theme song.

May 7, 2009

Yesterday, I heard this song on the way home from work….

This is my favorite verse:

‘Cause If she wanna rock she rocks
If she wanna roll she rolls
She can roll with the punches
Long as she feels like she’s in control
If she wanna stay she stays
If she wanna go she goes
She doesn’t care how she gets there
Long as she gets somewhere she knows

That’s so me!  Well the me I used to be before I got bogged down in THE bills.  But, I’m convinced one day I’ll be that again….in time, in time.  But, the song has a sobering lyric too:

See her heavy make up and cut t-shirt
Every girl out wants to be her
But they look the same already why adjust
Reading the magazine secrets
Forget the topical regrets
‘Cause If she comes home all alone the nights a bust
It’s a must the swivel in her hips
And the look she gives
It’s all her trust if only in the morning
She knew where she lived

Ahh..the vicious disease of comparison and self-improvement.  All because a magazine told you to, or you “think” some girl looks better than you.  And really, we’re all the same, in one way or another.  The +/- system usually makes everyone = (as far as superficial, petty attributes.)  Gotta love a little philosopy smackdab in the middle of a feel good song, right?

If she wanna rock, she rocks…if she wanna roll, she rolls…if she wants to stay, she stays…if she wants to go, she goes….na na na na na na na na na…….

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